Rosmarin Frauendorfer

"I have worn a few too many lacy blouses in my life, although I am not at all the type."

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Rosmarin Frauendorfer was born in Vienna in 1942. "I had a very slow, stuttering coming out when I was 24, that was in 1966, in Germany. My girlfriend was older; no one cared about that. We worked in theater, where people were used to homosexuality. Later on I went into a women's bar in Hamburg, what was then the notorious Ika-Stuben. That experience frightened me so much that I only ventured into the scene again years later, after the age of 40 (around 1982). In the meantime the Frauencafé in Vienna had a completely different atmosphere than in the dimly lit Ika-Stuben, with women dressed as men who behaved as though they were in a bad movie. The problems I was struggling with were more personal than environmental. However, I do have one rather depressing memory. I was in Lüneburg – which was truly a small, provincial town. When my girlfriend visited me in my apartment and spent the night, the house owner definitely noticed and sometimes even made comments. Back then I wished that one day I would have enough money for an anonymous apartment in a large building. I still have a thing for high-rise buildings. Actually I forgot why and just recently remembered."

After her acting career, she worked as a speaker and a voice and elocution trainer. She is now retired and lives in Vienna with her partner and their dog.