Ursula Hacker

"My first kiss at 14 – I was in 7th heaven..."

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Ursula Hacker was born in Vienna in 1946 and grew up in a municipal tenement complex near the Karl Marx Hof. Her father, a former SS soldier, was extremely strict. Her relationship with her mother was also difficult. The atmosphere in her childhood home was rather violent.

In 1960, when she was 14, she began her apprenticeship in a flower shop in the 1st district, although she would have rather continued going to school. There she had her first intimate experience with a woman – her apprenticeship mistress – "butterflies in my stomach, and all that at the age of 14 and back in those days!" This experience, the first of many, confirmed her feelings that she had already felt as a young girl.

She came out to her mother at 16, who broke her trust and told the entire family. Because life at home was so hard to bear, she went to Finland for a year as an au pair when she was 18. "That was in 1965. Unfortunately I realized that the women there don't run around with a sign saying, I am a lesbian and available either. I didn't find any bars or anything else and didn't meet anybody that would have been able to help me. So I came back to Vienna." In 1969 she decided that she wanted to have a child and became pregnant. Shortly afterwards, she married a gay friend in order to have a cover for her lesbian relationships. In 1977 she and her son moved in with her girlfriend in Brussels, and she worked there at an EU institution for many years.  She is now retired and lives alone in Vienna.